A cosy hearth in Nõmme welcomes new residents!

About the project

By the end of 2017 in Pärnu maantee 235, Nõmme, renovation of a three-floor lux class house designed back in 1925 will be completed. The house is located in a unique place in the second row of buildings from the road. It is surrounded with vegetation on the plot, and protected from impact of the street by the first row of houses located in Pärnu maantee.

The territory is located in a place which is very convenient from the position of logistics – namely, there is an ELRON commuter’s train stop located at the distance of 50 metres, and a city bus stop located at the distance of ca 150 metres from the plot. In just a few minutes you will be at the very heart of the capital of Estonia near tourist routes. In the opposite direction from Tallinn, within just a couple of kilometres from the house, lies one of the best parks of Tallinn which also serves as the skiing sports base of the Nõmme district. The views of the Glehn Castle will greet you on every trip. Near the Glehn Castle one of the best bicycle and rollerblade roads of Tallinn is located.

Every day you will be able to improve your sports level enjoying the smell of pine trees. The house is designed in a way that every apartment of the first floor has its own entrance from the street. The second and the third floors have two-floor apartments with balconies and a view of the plot. We decided to call our project the family nest. The choice of this name was not accidental.

The yard of the main building has a little house which is a part of the project, but actually it is a small separate house surrounded by pine trees. The entire complex symbolises an old family nest where stories are passed from grandparents to grandchildren, and where technologies of the 21st century allow to revive memories of the past and unite them with the present day reality.

Modern standard of living amongst whispers of branches of pine trees

Comfort of a cosy home close to parks and sports centres of the Nõmme district.

Beginning of construction


Renovation of the building started at the end of May 2017 with complete replacement of the foundation of the house, so that it can comply with modern conditions of construction and technical supervision.

Technical supervision of the works is performed by the independent company OÜ Hirve Holding.

Activities of the construction company are controlled on a daily basis. The company has decades of experience in performance of similar works in the centre of Tallinn and on its outskirts.



Entrance doors, floor

Fire-proof insulated burglar-proof wooden walls with fixtures and locks. The interior doors: smooth oak veneer walls with the same tone as the floor. Height: – 2,250 mm. No door sills in the rooms. The sanitary facilities have door sills with ventilation (oak). The floor: single-line oak parquet with the minimum width of 160 cm, covered with matte lacquer during production. The floor of the entrance hall according to the construction plan is finished with wear-resistant floor tiles.

Skirtboard, walls, noise insulation

Smooth profile with the same tone as the floor. The walls: plastered and painted surface of gypsum-cardboard panels with the minimum panel thickness of 25 mm (double). The ceiling: in the entrance halls, through which ventilation and other communications are led, a smooth suspended ceiling is installed. In other places – panel ceiling, panel seams are treated with white sealing compound and painted with matte white paint.

Noise insulation: in order to prevent the noise effect of a typical panel building, every wall and ceiling has soundproof screens in a form of insulation panels made of rockwool. We hope that this will help the new residents live in comfort without bothering each other.


The window frames are made of wood according to the regulations of the construction design, and they correspond to energy efficiency class C.

You can see sketches of windows by clicking on the following link: :

Plumbing fixtures

When choosing the plumbing fixtures solution, we tried to find the golden mean. It was a difficult task, as attic floors of the apartments also have toilets, the floor area of which is limited. We chose a package offered by Vitra company, which allows to install washbasins of the same style in any of the toilet rooms.

Mixer taps must be durable and convenient – that’s why our producer of choice was GROHE.


Beautiful and harmonious parquet Grabo Greenline Honey.

Three-layer oak, matte lacquer. Ideal option for the heated floor.Grabo Greenline, Tamm Honey.

Sketches of the bathrooms

Possible colour range of finishing of the bathroom

Contact information


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